Benefits of playing football

There are many reasons why everyone should start to play football. It is very fun sports game that provides fitness and also can be the best treatment of lifestyle related diseases beside the mind is fully free of bed and depressive thought during the game. The researches have proved that physical and psychological benefits of playing football can’t even be compared benefits from any other activity.

Few hours of playing football every week can provide cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal adaptations. That means your health and fitness level can be improved in many different ways. For example, if we compare playing football to simple running, than football can ensure improvements of lot wider range of organ systems. Running mostly can help to beat heart diseases, but football can cure many other types of diseases and also ensure weight loss and gained muscle mass.

If we talk about cardiovascular training than playing football can even be more effective than simple running. The benefits are the same – improved heart rate and blood pressure which is the best ways how to avoid all kind of heart diseases – but the whole process of running in football is different. In professional football each player runs more than 10 km during the game. Running 10 km in 90 minutes is great result. Maybe amateur football players don’t run so big distances, but is ensures a lot of running anyway. The greatest thing about all of that is not even noticing that. Players are so into game that they doesn’t notice how much they actually run, so it is easier than simple running on a straight road.

Metabolism is another important process of humans’ body that can be improved by playing football. That means reducing risk of digestive system diseases and also respiratory system diseases, because it is all connected. Beside the health improvements, better metabolism also means losing body fats. Football can improve the metabolic processes better than other activities, because there is wide range of movements included in the game. Football players are not doing the same thing all the time. They are running, kicking, turning and doing all kind of movements according to each situation.

Musculoskeletal adaptations basically mean gaining muscles and improving the posture. All the movements in football require strength and right position of a body. Players don’t even need to think about it all the time, because the right posture kind of comes automatically. In short, football can provide strong and right body.

But we cannot forget about the gaining of mental health. Like it was mentioned before, during the game of football players can forget about all the problems in their life. They are fully focused on the game. All they can think about is choosing the right strategy to win. It works almost like a meditation. That can help to reduce the stress and think more positive.

So if you want to improve not only your physical health and fitness level, but also mental health and just gain some positive emotions, start playing football. It doesn’t meter how good or bad you are, it is all about the right movements and getaway.