History of Football

As the football is the most popular sports game in the whole world, it has some very long and interesting history. The game has come a long way of development form its origins, so lest see how it all began.

Of course, different ball games have been played almost by the time when first civilizations started to develop, but the first evidences about something very similar to football comes from China, during the Han dynasty around 2nd or 3rd century BC. This games objective was to kick a leather ball into net, which is very common to football that we know today. Also there are some evidences about similar games being played also in Japan, Korea, Rome and Greece.

However, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) doesn’t recognize any similarities with ancient ball games and modern football. They claim that the modern rules of football are based only on the standardized forms of English football in 19th. So the birth date of football is around 8th century, because that’s the time when football came to England.

By the medieval times football became really popular in England and it had many forms, but at that time it was very violent game. Nowadays any violations are strictly forbidden, but then even punching, kicking and biting were allowed to get the ball into the net or goal. At the 1300s football was even forbidden at all, because The King of England Edward III assumed that football increased violence in society. Later also the King of Scotland James I said that no one should play this game. Later the rules of game started to change and many forms of football had been played in all of British public schools.

In the beginning of 18th century football became a popular game in colleges and universities. First university, who set the systematized rules, was Eton Collage. Later these rules became known as Cambridge rules. Actually all the forms of football were divides into two parts at that time. One group includes all the violent aspects, but other, including Cambridge rules, banned all of that.

At the 1863 all the biggest London clubs came together to set common and fundamental rules of football. They decided to totally split the game into two different sports games. At the end the violent forms of football were named rugby and the football played by the Cambridge type of rules was called association football or soccer.

By that time association football became widely popular in the whole world, because of the British sailors. They introduced other countries with this game and they started to adapt it. Nowadays football is widely popular exactly in those countries and regions, where British sailors went at the 19th century – Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, France etc. Of, course, football spread in other countries as well. That’s how the game gained this huge popularity.