Football Positions

Just like in any sports game, also in football there are many different positions. Each position has it own specific task in the game. Basically these tasks differ from defending to scoring. The very basic division into positions of football players is categorized into four – goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

Probably everyone knows what the main task of goalkeeper is – to keep opponent from scoring. Goalkeeper probably is the most distinctive position among all others. First of all, that is, because goalkeeper, unlike all the other players, is able to throw the ball with hands if he is inside the penalty area. Although the main task for goalie is to defense from scoring, he also give valuable contribution in attacking, because he makes goal kicks and ball throws to teammates which can be very valuable if they are done strategic, precisely and correct. Also goalkeeper must keep the ball far away from goal area, although that is the main task of defender.

So defenders must keep the ball away from goalkeeper. They are like bodyguards of goalkeeper – they have to make sure opponents won’t be able to get close to him. Usually there are four defenders in each team, but the count is variable. If there are four defenders than two of them are center-backs, which are located in the middle, and two full-backs, from which one is located on the left side and other on the right side. There can also be such defender position as wing-back, which basically is the full-back that advances up to the opponent’s goal end.

Midfielders link between the defense and offense. Their task is to bring the ball to the forwards in attack and prevent the ball from reaching the defenders. So basically they are connecting two other positions. They are very useful in the game, because without them it is difficult for forwards to score. There are many types of midfielders. Defending midfielder is located in the middle, right in front of the defensive line. Central midfielders are located in the centre of the field. There can also be attacking midfielder which is first one inclined to attack.

Forwards are considered as the main players, because they are the ones how usually scores. Every forwarder must have a great ability to control the ball, but there are many types of forwarders which have different tasks. Centre-forwards are located very close to opponents’ goal. The main task of them is to score the goals through passes from the teammates, but also they must distract other teams’ defenders. Second-forwards are located behind the centre-forwards. They are the main scorers. There can also be other types of forwards, but they are used less often.

Every position is very important in the game, but the main key of success in the game of football is the teamwork. All these positions must learn how to work together and understand each other during every situation in game.

Most important football skills

The main objective in game of football is to move the ball by kicking it in order to score. That might sound very easy, but actually it takes lot of skills to handle the ball. Every player must learn specific passes and also how to position themselves to receive the passes from other players. Here is a list of skills that every football player must have and develop during football practices.

First skill is overall controlling of the ball. That means player need to know how to move the ball forward by kicking it and at the same time not letting players from the opposite team to take control over the ball. Controlling includes lot of other skills.

The most important skill is passing the ball. It is not simple kicking without any knowledge how to do it. Football players need to learn how the ball can be controlled by kicking it with different parts of the feet. Also the part of the ball that is kicked influences the way ball goes. In short, every football player needs not only to have the strength to kick the ball, but also some knowledge in physics to understand how in which direction the ball will move by each kick. In the first football trainings usually the main focus is put exactly on many ball passing techniques.

The next skill is receiving the ball. Just like passing, also receiving the ball has many ways and techniques that require some knowledge in physics. Every part of the body can be used to receive the ball and players must choose the right way of receiving by the position of the ball. For example passes on the ground can be received by feet, but passes on the air is easier to receive either with head or chest. But it is not only about the body part of receiving the ball. Player also must know how hard the ball will be kicked away and in which direction it will go. Also receiving the ball must be learned in football trainings.

After simple passing and receiving, more advanced skills must be learned. One of them is dribbling. That means controlling the ball by kicking it in different directions to make the player form opposite team confused. Also dribbling has many techniques, for example it can be done either with inside or outside of the feet. The hardest part of dribbling is learning how to control the speed of a ball and how to do it by not looking at the feet. It is not a skill that can be learned easily, but it is an integral part of football.

The last important skill is scoring. Of course, that is important, because scoring is the main objective of the game. It is also the hardest task. Although it is only one kick, player must know how hard and in which exact direction ball must be kicked so other players or goalie wouldn’t be able to block it and at the same time the ball would go inside the goal. What makes everything even harder is the frustration and speed of the game. Player is not able to stop and think what to do; he must kick the ball in any conditions.

There are also other specific skills that must be learned to play football successfully, but these are the very basics. No one will be able to play football without knowing how to control, receive and pass the ball and score.