The Basics of Football

Football is the most popular sports game in the world so there is no doubt that it is very exciting. If you have never played football or if you haven’t became a football fan yet, but you have some interest in this game, you have to start by learning the basic rules and other aspect of football.

Unlike other sports games where rules changes quite often, football is quite conservative and standardized. Although usually there are some small changes in the rules each season, basic rules and regulations remains the same.

The main objective of the game of football is to get points by kicking the ball into opponent teams’ goal. The official game consists of two teams with 11 players in each team. One player in each team is the goalkeeper. Goalkeepers’ main task is to not let the ball being kicked into the goal. Goalkeeper is able to handle the ball only in the penalty area. Other 10 players of the team play into different positions, but the main objective for all of them are to kick the ball into the opponents’ goal. All the field players must find the most effective ways how to handle and pass the ball to the other team members, so opponent team members wouldn’t get it. They can handle and pass the ball with any part of their body, except the arms.

The official game of football is being held on a 105 x 68 meters large field covered with natural or artificial grass flooring. Smaller scale football games also can be held in smaller field, but it must remain the same proportions. The longer sides of the field are called touch lines and the shorter ones are called goal lines. Field must be divided into two parts with each goal in different part. Adjacent to the goal lines are the 16 meter and 9 meter boxes, which mark where the goal and goalkeeper are.

The duration of the game is 90 minutes which is divided in two halves of 45 minutes each. There is also stoppage time after each half time. Stoppage time is the compensation of pauses in the game as the clock in football game never stops. That means actually football game lasts around 94 minutes or a bit longer according to the decision of a referee.

There is a referee in each football game. He controls the duration of a game by a whistle and manage the punishment cards. There are two types or cards in football – yellow and red. Yellow card is a warning for breaking the rules but the red card means player needs to leave the field for breaking the rules. If that happens, team need to continue the game with one player less. Minimum count of players in the team can be 7. If penalty happens in the 16 meter box, that can be rewarded with penalty shot. That means the team who fouled has to take a kick right at the goal from the centre of a goal line.